Wife at the camera club

I knew he’d do almost anything to please them as he was struggling to make money. Little did I know what he had in mind while I was in the bathroom?


The following is an account from one of the photographers in the group


No sooner had the bathroom door closed behind you, your wife looked across at the owner of the studio in a nervous manner. Now she was on her own dressed in just her tiny undies with her gorgeous body on display. She could not fix her eyes through being so nervous but the owner was not going to miss this opportunity to save his credibility. 

He quickly suggested to her that she had the opportunity to make good money simply by allowing the guys to take a few photos of her. After all, she was already dressed - should I say undressed? - for the occasion. She felt pressured to help the poor guy and shyly and a little reluctantly agreed. She also told the guy that the pay must be good and that she would keep her undies on. The owner agreed with a smile. "Of course." 

He dashed off to the frustrated photographers waiting in the large studio. He explained that he had secured the services of another model and they hurriedly followed him to the studio to find her waiting. Her head was slightly bowed as she stood legs crossed and arms at her side against the studio couch. She looked up to see six beaming smiles of the guys clutching their cameras. The owner introduced her and said that your wife had agreed at short notice to assist. He went on to say that there were conditions. She did not want to do any open leg or nude shots and expected full payment up front. The guys were a bit disappointed with this but they paid and began to ready their cameras. 

As she clambered onto the couch, the first flashes were already bouncing off her gorgeous soft skin. The studio owner smiled to her to reassure her and mouthed across, "Relax." She lay back and turned her lovely face to the guys. They started to give instructions: "Turn slightly further... Move your left arm across... Bend your knee slightly." Your wife was doing as asked and, although clearly shy, she didn't want to let down herself, the studio owner or the camera guys. 

The door of the studio opened and you walked in. Your jaw dropped seeing your wife draped across the couch with six guys poring over her. The owner quickly ushered you out to explain what had happened, closing the studio door behind him. He apparently told you the situation and said that she was fine and was enjoying the attention. You said that it would be okay but would have to be in the room. The owner explained that it was not possible for you to join them as they were a professional bunch and would have copyright ownership of the evening. He reassured you that all would be fine and that this happens every day in the studio. He guided you to the small room he uses as a coffee room. He made you a coffee and suggested you looked at the modelling photos on the table as it would only be another fifteen minutes and they would run out of time. 

Back in the studio, your wife was starting to relax as the guys made everything very busy arranging her as they wanted her. She was relaxing more and more and, as the guys requested things, she gradually adopted a "What the hell" attitude.

They asked her to slip one of her boobs just up above the cup of her basque. She managed to display enough to content them without displaying her nipple. Then the request came for her to display the other boob. Then to lie on her front supporting her head on her hands. From this angle her boobs were fully on display. After a rapid session of clicking she looked down and saw her tits were now fully hanging out. The guys told her to look up and she did. They were clicking away from every angle. 

She was asked to lift her legs so that they were bent up from the knees. She did so but kept them together. The guys called for a minute break to re-arrange her. They got her up on her knees and elbows. "Jeez," she said, "this is getting a bit risqué."

However she was now in the mood to earn her money and give the guys what they'd come for. She was getting obviously quite horny as her nipples were like bullets. 

Back in the coffee room you were waiting patiently and looking at the photos, no doubt wondering how your wife was doing. 

The photographers came out of their little huddle and one of the guys said, " Okay sexy, we have agreed to up the rate and we will now pay more as we want you to continue to bare a little more skin. This is normal practise, okay?"

With her sweet bum in the air and gorgeous tits on display, the guys were clicking away and getting very animated. She began to tease a little. She displayed naughty smiles and eased her legs apart a little wider. Most of the guys were now concentrated behind her. She knew why. Whilst the guys were talking, she discreetly adjusted the crutch of her panties so that one side of her shaved pussy was visible. Now was the time to earn that extra cash. She lowered her arms and shoulders, her head now on the couch and her beautiful arse in the air. A gasp from the guys was heard as they commented, "Perfect love... Gorgeous sweetheart." She moved her hands to her pussy and slipped the crutch of her panties into her moist pussy crack. Pulling hard from underneath, the material was lost into the folds of her smooth scented skin. The clicking stopped as the guys stood in amazement. She wanted to look behind her to see what was happening. As she did, all the guys were jostling for position to get their heads as close as they could to her pussy. She could feel their hot breath on the cheeks of her arse. Then a hand was on her arse cheek. Your wife nervously twitched and shouted "Hey!" The guy apologised and just told her that he was making adjustments. Every one of those guys had a raging hard on.


Your wife asked the guys to stand further back so that they could get a full view. She spread her legs as wide as she could and now she seemed excited and carefree. She let herself go, getting to her feet and standing on the couch. The guys had stopped photographing and stood watching in amazement and excitement. She looked up to the ceiling and then flipped down the top of the basque. Her lovely tits now fully exposed, the cameras went into frenzy. Lowering her hands to her pussy, she pulled the damp flimsy panties deeper into her folds, the thin material stretching into a thin line high up to her waist. Her pussy was now fully around the panties. She slowly spread her legs even wider. Bringing her head back down to look at the guys, her eyes almost popped out of her head. Three of the guys had their cocks out and were wanking slowly. She turned around and brought her legs together. The guys thought they had ruined the session but she bent forward, keeping her long legs straight. As she bent over, she drew her wet panties down her legs. The material was now being stretched in the opposite direction. It eased out of her tight arse. She had to slightly open her legs to allow the panties to be freed from her now bulging pussy. She managed to get the tiny material to her ankles. She then stood upright and, juggling with her feet, managed to free the panties from her legs. She turned back to face the guys and looked, one by one, into their faces. The guys were all turned on and they each had their cock out, wanking. 

Unknown to you, your wife was now apparently in sex heaven. She sank to her knees, facing the guys, and told them to file past and to touch her face with their cocks. She was suddenly, and surprisingly, being such a slut. It was now the turn of the guys to be shy. Hesitantly they moved towards her and the first guy stroked his cock on her soft skin and brushed it past her bright painted red lips. His eyes were closed as he moved away.

The next guy came and was wanking his cock right in front of her face. She said loudly, "Stop." The guys were quite stunned as she laid herself down on her back with her head slightly over the end of the couch. "Now," she said, "come around this end and let me taste every one of you.'"

The guys hurried to the end of the couch where they formed a line, their cocks in hand. The first guy moved towards her. As his cock touched her lips she dropped her head lower to ensure that his cock was taken deeper into her throat. She sucked it into her mouth and rolled her tongue around the tip and over the top. The guy was in ecstasy. She then put her hands on his thighs and motioned him away. As the guy slowly drew out his throbbing cock, he snapped a photo, something he could not resist.

Once he was free she said, "Right guys, you’re almost out of time. You get a minute each in my mouth. Take your chance." The first guy slid his cock back into her wet mouth. She worked it hard, desperate to make the guy cum. His minute was almost up and she began to move him away. Just as he withdrew he blew his load right into her open mouth and across her cheek. The guy was groaning as though he had cum for the first time ever. She opened her eyes and ran the back of her hand across her cheek, wiping the cum. "Next," she said, licking her lips This guy had been wanking in the line, watching her get a facial. He was the youngest of the group. He pushed his cock into her throat and shot his cum instantly. Her eyes widened as she swallowed for England! He withdrew his member from her sticky mouth and moved away.

The next guy was in before she could draw breath. He fucked her face like crazy. She had one hand on his arse and the other cupping his balls. His face was contorted with pleasure as the guys who had previously been with her began snapping away with their cameras. A minute passed and somehow the guy had not shot his seed into her. She pushed him off and told him, "Unlucky, next." Your hot wife managed to finish off the remainder of the guys and each of them splattered her slutty throat with their hot seed. She was almost gargling on the stuff. She rolled over onto all fours and looked behind her for the guy that had failed to cum. "You," she said, "get that cock up me from behind now and give me my pleasure." He pulled her hips toward him, spread her wide open and guided her back onto his rock hard cock. She was now groaning with pleasure to the sound of cameras going off like a twenty-one gun salute. He fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. She rolled her head as the guy blew his seed into her pussy. He drove it deep into her as she pressed back into him. 

Sat outside, you must have heard the very enthusiastic round of applause and probably thought she must have finished posing. And not before time.

The guys pushed the money into her hands, said "Thank you," and left. They also thanked you as you were finishing your coffee. You didn’t know what to say to them but just mumbled "Thanks." If only you knew! 

Your wife put her tits away, pulled her panties over her dripping pussy and quickly started to dress. You entered the studio to see her fumbling with her clothes. You asked if all was okay. She replied, "Yes thanks, I think I have found a new vocation in life."

"Oh so you enjoyed it in the end then?"

"Yes and if you ever need a model again you only have to ask!"








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